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Q1. How many charge/ discharge cycles can be expected for the batteries?

You can expect a 300-500 charge/discharge cycles , and the battery cells have 3 years life span under good care and routine maintenance. It will discharge on its own during storage, so please apply a full charge before storing to prevent overdischarge after a long period of storage. Several factors can influence the batteries’ durability. The battery voltage and capacity can be affected at low temperature and even ice point.

Q2. Does the battery need to be completed drained and then recharged prior to its first use?

Please recharge before the first use.

Q3. Whether it takes longer to charge the X-power series on computer than wall charger?

Normally it will take same time (approximately as guidelines) by using both ways.

Q4. Is it possible to use the cell phone charger to charge MOON lights (for those with same USB interface) and vice versa?

Yes. MOON lights can be charged by the cell phone charger with the same USB interface.

Q5. Where can replacement brackets or lithium-ion battery be purchased?

Please check with the dealer shop(where you bought) for a quick purchase first. If there is no stock, you may find your local distributor via www.moonsport.com/distributor for assistance.

Q6. If it’s okay to get a replacement lithium polymer batteries?

The lithium polymer batteries are not user-replaceable.

Q7. Are MOON lights water-resistant?

All MOON lights are water-resistant (rain only), please make sure the USB cover is put back when not charging. When cleaning, please do not submerge them in water.

Q8. Why can the light not get on?

Please check if the battery still have power, whether the power button is pressed hard. For lithium-ion batteries, you may also check if the batteries has been correctly installed.

Q9. Do you have a single switch to control both of my XP-2500 at the same time?

Currently, each XP-2500 can only be controlled by a single switch.

Q10. Can I use External Battery XP-BS-S2 as a power bank to recharge my electronic devices?

Yes. The electronic devices can be recharged as long as the USB port connected properly.

Q11. How many time can I recharge my Samsung Note 8 & iPhone X when using my external battery XP-BS-S2 as a power bank?

It depends on the condition and capacity of your mobile phone battery. For rough measurement, each of the mentioned mobile phone can be supposedly recharged twice by the XP-BS-S2.

Q12. Where can I compare the brightness of each Moon light?

The Beam Comparison Function can be found at the bottom of each product page. After clicked, you can compare most of our lights.

Q13. Can I use other brand of 18650 battery for the series of Meteor Storm, Meteor Auto X and Meteor Vortex?

The series above are compatible with our Moon’s 18650 battery only because the positive & negative electric rode of Moon’s 18650 are on the same side. If other type of 18650 inserted, your light may not be on.

Q14. Are Moon’s computer mounts M-01 / M-02 compatible with Garmin Computer & GoPro camera only?

M-01 / M-02 are also compatible with Wahoo Computer.